A Chip to Protect You and Your Family!

We’ve all heard about the dangers of radiation emitted by our cell phones. There are thousands of articles that can be found like this one all over parenting sites, medical sites, and general news websites. The effect of the cell radiation is that it heats up the blood barrier between your skull and your brain, causing an increase in temperature, especially near where the cell phone is held on your head.


Thermal imaging with No FoneChip

We at FoneChip even conducted our own experiment to see for ourselves. You can see FoneChip’s President in the image to the right. The bottom left image is of him before speaking on a cell phone. The bottom right image is after speaking on a cell phone for five minutes. After this image, it took seventeen minutes for the images to return to the initial state. You can see the concentration of red where the blood barrier is heated.
With all of the information out there about possible harmful effects on the brain, there is conflicting information on possible remedies. Any product claiming to “block” the waves your cell phone emits can’t possibly work. If it did, you couldn’t use your cell phone at all. However, a law of physics states that when certain frequencies are “piggybacked”, it will distort the original frequency, thus neutralizing the harmful effects. In effect, your brain doesn’t “recognize” the harmful frequency. FoneChip has utilized that knowledge of physics to create a product to neutralize the harmful effects of using your cell phone.

Thermal imaging with FoneChip

Thermal imaging with FoneChip

Remembering our experiment, please see the images below. For this set of images, our President used the same cell phone with a FoneChip installed. The bottom right image is, again, after speaking on the cell phone for five minutes. This time, it only took four minutes to return to the initial state.

It is our mission to spread the word about these dangers and provide an affordable solution to families to prevent these harmful effects not only for the adults, but most especially for the children, whose brains are still forming.

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